Outstanding Volunteer Award

Call for Nominations

The IEEE Singapore Section Outstanding Volunteer Award aims to recognize those volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the Singapore Section, and/or its Chapters/Affinity Groups and/or its IEEE Conferences or IEEE as whole.


The following are eligible as candidates for the Award:

  1. An IEEE member of any membership grade and residing in Singapore.
  2. The candidate’s volunteer work is, or has been, on behalf of the Singapore Section, its Chapters/Affinity Groups or its IEEE Conferences. The candidate must have been active for at least 2 years in Singapore.
  3. The candidate receives no remuneration for his volunteer work for the Singapore Section.


The following shall not be nominated for the Award:

  1. The incumbent IEEE Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee Chair, Section Chair, Section Vice-Chair, Section Secretary and Section Treasurer.
  2. Previous winners of the IEEE Singapore Section Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Nomination Conditions

  1. The Nomination Form must be completed by a Proposer and a Seconder who are familiar with the work and contributions of the candidate. Both the Proposer and the Seconder must be IEEE members of any membership grade, resident in Singapore.  The candidate must also sign the Nomination Form.
  2. Nominations must be made on the Nomination Form available from the Singapore Section Secretariat.
  3. Nominations (pdf file) must be received by the IEEE Singapore Section Secretariat not later than 15 November 2019 by email to sec.singapore@ieee.org
  4. The decision of the Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee shall be final.

Judging Criteria

The points relating to the candidate that the judges will take into consideration include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. New ideas, developments or projects which have significantly benefited the Singapore Section or its sub-entities.
  2. Length of service for the Singapore Section. (Note: It is not mandatory for the candidate to be involved in voluntary work with the Singapore Section at the time he/she is nominated.)
  3. Administrative ability.
  4. Leadership ability.
  5. Support for the work of other volunteers who are serving the Singapore Section.
  6. Furthering the work and promoting the objectives of the IEEE in general, and of the Singapore Section in particular at the Section, Chapter or Student Branch level, or in some other IEEE volunteer activity, e.g. conferences.

Based on the merits of the candidates, the Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee will shortlist the candidates for judging. The judges shall be all members of the IEEE Singapore Section General Committee with voting rights. Based on the voting results, the Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee may decide on the number of winners for the year in question. If no candidate is found to be suitable, no award shall be made in that year.

The decision of the Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee shall be final.

Nature of Award

The Singapore Section Outstanding Volunteer Award shall be in the form of a plaque and a certificate signed by the IEEE President, the Singapore Section Chair and the Singapore Section Awards and Recognition Committee Chair.

Presentation of Award

The Award shall be presented to the winner at the IEEE Singapore Section Annual General Meeting normally held in December of the award year. 


  • Nomination deadline: 15 November 2019
  • Announcement of Result: 6 December 2019
  • Presentation of Award: Singapore Section AGM

Please submit nomination form to: sec.singapore@ieee.org

Download Nomination Form

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