IEEESGFest2020 [Contest]: IEEE Day 2020 Singapore Photo Contest

About the Event

IEEE Singapore Festival 2020

This year, we celebrate the 11th annual IEEE Day across the globe on 6 October. In the spirit of IEEE Day 2020, we are delighted to host the “IEEE Singapore Festival 2020”. Beginning on 6 October, the festival, spanning two weeks, will include an all-virtual series of technical and professional talks, networking sessions, social activities, and fun contests.

This festival is jointly organised by the IEEE Young Professionals Singapore and IEEE Women in Engineering Singapore affinity groups.


Photo Contest Details

We invite you to participate in the “IEEE Day 2020 Singapore Photo Contest”. Submit a photo related to the theme “Technological Innovation and Excellence for the Benefit of Humanity”, for a chance to win a prize.

Steps to Submitting Photo Entry

  1. Go to the Facebook group “IEEE Day 2020 Singapore Photo Contest”, and join.
  2. Once you join, please wait for an administrator to approve the request.
  3. Post your photo in the group, and include:
    1. The name of the person submitting the Entry,
    2. A brief description of the Entry and how it relates to the theme, and
    3. Include the hashtag #IEEESGFest2020.

You may submit up to 3 entries.

Prize Categories

There are 2 prize categories*:

  • Judges’ prizes (the top 3 selected photos)
    1st – $30 voucher; 2nd – $20 voucher; 3rd – $10 voucher.
  • Popularity prizes (the top 3 most voted photos)
    1st – $30 voucher; 2nd – $20 voucher; 3rd – $10 voucher.

*Please note that only Singapore residents are eligible to receive prizes.

Popularity Prize Voting

Please vote for your favourite submissions:

  • Join the Facebook group as per the above instructions on “Steps to Submitting Photo Entry”.
  • Like your favourites; you can like as many as you want!
  • You can vote even if you did not submit a photo entry.
  • You can vote and like any time from now till Thursday, 15 October, 2020, 7:00 pm.


Please refer to the contest rules here: IEEE Day 2020 Singapore Photo Contest Rules

Date & Time of Event

14 October 2020

Submissions start on 6 October 2020 at 7:30 PM (SGT) and will continue through 14 October 2020 at 11:59 PM (SGT). Winners will be announced on 15 October 2020.


Online via Facebook