IEEESGFest2020 [Tech Webinar]: Exigency of Cyber Security in the Information Era

About the Event

IEEE Singapore Festival 2020

This year, we celebrate the 11th annual IEEE Day across the globe on 6 October. In the spirit of IEEE Day 2020, we are delighted to host the “IEEE Singapore Festival 2020”. Beginning on 6 October, the festival, spanning two weeks, will include an all-virtual series of technical and professional talks, networking sessions, social activities, and fun contests.

This festival is jointly organised by the IEEE Women in Engineering Singapore and IEEE Young Professionals Singapore affinity groups.



“It’s only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.”

Protecting that upon which we depend should be front of our mind, be it for government, industries, academic or individuals with a smartphone in our pocket. And if you are simply an individual interested in understanding more about the nature of our digitally driven world, this talk will provide you the basics and a clear overview of how cybersecurity relates to you. As a society that runs largely on technology, we are also a result dependent on it. And just as technology brings ever greater benefits, it also brings ever greater threats: by the very nature of the opportunities it presents it becomes a focal point for cybercrime, industrial espionage and cyberattacks. Therefore, protecting it is of paramount priority.


Ms. Sankari SubramaniVP – Security Operations Manager – India, BNY Mellon Technologies – India

Sankari has completed her Masters in Computer Application from Madras Institute of Technology – Chennai, India. With over a decade of experience in the field of Information Security and Cyber Security, specializing in Cyber Strategy, SIEM, Cyber Incident Response & Forensics, Cloud Security Engineering, Threat Hunting and Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment & Cyber Security Governance servicing across multiple industries like MSSP, Telecommunication, Retail and Banking.

Sankari is an outspoken evangelist of cybersecurity. She has been an active participant at several development camps and has been providing training and guidance for students in the field of information security. In her personal life she is quite an ordinary person with certain likes and dislikes, admire all things bright and beautiful, Personal interest adds on to playing indoor games and reading fiction/thrillers.

Date & Time of Event

13 October 2020

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (SGT)


Online via Zoom